A Little Love in your Home | Fairbanks Photography

A few of you know, but for those who don't just yet, I'm working on a little project for my readers & clients - a way to showcase & share that 'little bit of love' in your home by way of our MachC Photography sessions & get togethers. So this is my call-to-action to get you to send in yours! :) I would love to see your portrait walls ... your kid's room display ... the corner of the family room filled with love ... the kitchen you repainted & recreated, using images of your 'baby' as your inspiration (yes, I have one of those & she's the lovely mama to this cutie here - who, it just so happens, my last client was talking about because she thought his 'dirt pictures' were just too cute not to mention! ;) ). So please! :) Take a quick snapshot & e-mail it ( info(@)machcphotography.com) my way, along with a short little sentence about where in the house the snapshot is from.

Here is one from a long-time client of mine. I love the simplicity, yet powerful nature of their desktop display in a little alcove under the stairs. It's perfect in every way. Simple & clean with a set focus on their two children when they were just babies. Framed to enhance the setting, but not take away from their 'little bit o' love'.  ;)

Fairbanks Photography Family Child