What they got: the E' Family

Disclaimer :: a 'picture of a picture' is never as great as the real thing (of course we all can agree on that!) but ... there is also nothing like seeing what everyone else is in love with, right? :) With Karla's family we almost always focus on a metallic finish. It's what they love & the colors for this session (a mix of brights with lovely fall foliage) make it a knock-out combo. The metallic literally sparkles. While they always get a few gift sized prints of the boys, their main focus is to go big for the walls with multiple 10x20s, 16x24s and an 11x14 for the long table that sits in the foyer.


It is a lot of fun to package these up. I didn't picture everything here (hoping that we can convince Karla to snap a few quick photos of everything hanging around her house, what do you think?), but just a small sample to give you an idea of what they loved & what they decided on.

And I have to poke a little fun at Lars. Actually, I think his shoes are very cool (& very him). We just laughed when he arrived to our shoot, he had just come from practice. Dad called him & said, "& make sure you bring a nice pair of shoes" - thinking it was obvious, right? Find something besides your grungy practice gear. Lars showed up with his dress shoes (like, shirt & tie dress shoes) & these colorful little creations. We went with those. ;)

Karla is also a huge fan of these little leather books - perfect for gifting to grandparents, keeping for yourself & carrying around in your purse or bag. I love that they've become a staple for their memories of our sessions together.


So ... what do you guys think? Want to see more?